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Julius SuraltaHi, my name is Julius. I am pleased and honored to welcome you to my humble website.

What you will see and expect here are my personal and professional interests, IT stuff, photography, technology and gadgets, entertainment, books, online business, MLM business, financial planning and investments, toastmasters, items on sale of my choosing as an affiliate marketer and news related to my interests. I am planning to share my internet marketing knowledge here in my website, so please follow or visit frequently.

I have lots of thoughts and great ideas (personal and professional) that I want to share – and my website provides great venue for that. I do further apologize for some grammatical error (or misspelled words) along the way.

Writing is not my forte and sometimes i have grammar issues. I am not a good writer nor a great blogger but I challenge myself.  I think… i know and i believe i will get there. In online marketing business – blogging is the first step. Sharing with you what I learned, what I am thinking, what I am doing and many more should be fun.

Again, welcome and hope you keep visiting my site. I have lots of things in my mind that i want to share you.

Personal & Health
Why NOT focus on the JOB? Why I ventures MLM business?

These are the questions asked by my relatives, family members, friends and colleagues.  Why not focus on the job? Why I do have other businesses? Why I ...

Tsunami hits in Japan after 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Are you prepared?

I was terrified regarding the call I received early this afternoon (March 11, 2011 – Dubai time +4GMT) from my wife back in Philippines.  The news ...

Forbes World Billionaires in 1st quarter of 2011

Wow… seriously… that’s me jumping… coz i see myself in the lists. Well, that ...

Friends, colleagues and business partners; if you are currently applying for a job and nothing happens I think I have answers to that. Maybe because of ...

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Amazon Advertising Fee per Category effective February 1, 2014

Nightclub Photography @ The H Hotel Gold Bar club last June 15, 2012

Another successful event hosted by Mr. Dino Cottle of D-Zired Productions in “The H Hotel” previously known as Monarch Hotel GOLD BAR club ...

Financial Planning
Entrepreneurship is the key to succeed

Being an entrepreneur is not new to me. In fact, I can even remember during my younger days that I sell candies in school so that I have an allowance ...